Cart N Go

Personal Shopping Cart

Cart’n’Go- a personal shopping cart for the next generation of upwardly mobile people that will bring the fun back into shopping and make shopping easier than ever!

A collapsible, lightweight rolling bag has a large, removable canvas bag (13” X 21” and 21”deep) that holds all your packages and weighs only 7 pounds. The bag has two pockets (5” X 6.6” each) on the back to carry your beverages, cell phones, keys or etc. The washable bag has sturdy web handles and is also removable to use alone or to launder.

Cart’n’Go has eight durable wheels for stability and ease in maneuverability with foot bakes on back wheels.

Cart’n’Go is also great for sport events, swap meets, trade shows, laundry, camping, school and much more.

Cart’n’Go is a lifesaver for people with back problems, arthritis and other disabilities.

For all your adventures where you have a lot to carry,

let the Cart n Go carry it for you!!

Shopping at the grocery store, mall swap meets

Business or sales events

Sporting, camping or school events

Use the Cart N Go to carry your bags from your car to your apartment

Cart N Go has 2 expandable pockets on the back to carry your  beverages, cell phone, keys or etc

Cart N Go weighs only 7 pounds and when folded up fits easily in closet or storage area

Cart N Go has brakes on both back wheels to keep the cart from rolling away

Cart N Go’s fabric bag is removable to use alone or to launder

To open the Cart N Go push the latch forward and let the cart fall open and then step down on lower brace

To close the Cart N Go lift the brace up and then fold in half and secure latch

To secure the Cart N Go in open, gently step straight down on the lower brace

To close the Cart N Go, lift up on the lower brace



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